Did you know the largest gas heater can be the equal of three electric heaters? They are powerful, energy and cost efficient which means buying a gas heater is a smart choice. Owning a good gas heater prevents you from being wrapped up in a blanket all day.

Here we explain the most common mistakes to avoid while buying a gas heater because you don’t want to be stuck up with a wrong choice!

The Deadly Mistakes
  • Choosing the Wrong Fuel

This is the very first mistake to avoid. While buying a gas heater, make sure you choose one which uses gas same as you have back home. LPG and natural gas, both burn in different ways so choose wisely. Never seek to connect a gas heater to the wrong type of gas, it can be very perilous.

  • Choosing the Wrong Type of Heater

Convection Gas Heaters and Radiant Gas Heaters are the two common types of heaters.

Radiant heaters are more of spot heating which heats up very fast. On the other hand, convection heaters take long time to heat the space but they are able to hold the heat unlike radiant heaters. Choose the type according to your room as the wrong choice can increase your electricity bills rapidly.

  • Choosing the Wrong Size of Heater

Choosing a very small heater for a large room or too big for a small space – either choice will blow up your electricity bills like crazy. Rinnai gas heater service Perth advices to select a gas heater according to the size of your room and take advantage of energy efficiency provided by gas heaters.While this may not be a gas heater buying tip, it is a maintenance mistake to avoid.

Using Heater as a Clothes Dryer

Freezing cold and you want to be warm even outside your home? So you decide to quickly warm your clothes over the gas heater before leaving – dangerous choice! This calls for a fire hazard.

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