Buying a new air conditioner is a big investment. However, as the summer approaches, it would be a smart step to get rid of an inefficient cooling system and have one with high performance and efficiency. But before you pull the trigger, you have to prepare certain things properly to ensure smooth and effective air conditioning installation Perth. Discussed here are some factors that you should consider before installing your air conditioning unit.

1. Cost of Installation

Before you have the air conditioner installed, it is important to know that installation may cost an average of $5,000 or more, depending on the type and size of air conditioner, and amount of space that it is expected to keep cool. The price is worth paying considering a technician’s professionalism and expertise in matters related to installation and air conditioning repairs Perth. Make sure you ask about the installation cost at the time of buying the product so that you do not face something shocking.

2. Sizing the Air Conditioner Unit

Most air conditioners are designed in a way to cool your entire home, but not so much that they would cycle on or off several times all through the day. Therefore, it is crucial to size the unit appropriately. This includes considering factors like total square footage of the home, whether it is insulated or not, exposure to sunlight, etc. Considering these factors and then sizing the unit would further help in air conditioning installation Perth. Only a trained and certified technician can inspect your property and do proper calculations.

3.Right Placement

Next, it is vital to find the right place to install the air conditioner condenser. Placing the condenser in excessively lit areas, like direct sunlight, can cause overheating. This can lead to costly damages. Thus, installing it in shady area is a good idea. Furthermore, it should be placed in a location where airflow would not be blocked. This would ensure maximum efficiency. Additionally, the installation should be such that it aids in timely air conditioning repairs Perth when required.

4. Add-ons

To have the most of your investment, you have the choice to equip the air conditioner with add-on features, like upgrading the unit with a heat pump that allows the unit to work both as an air conditioner and heater. Before doing air conditioning installation Perth, consider the add-ons you wish to purchase. This will help you have everything in place at the same time.

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