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Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth and facilities of evaporative air conditioner and cooling Perth

Evaporative cooling Perth facilities are low cost; highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly to keep your homes cool during the warm summers.

Why Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth?

Using the water, the air is first cooled and then this fresh, clean and naturally cooled air is circulated throughout your home. Evaporative air conditioning Perth gives you the convenience of being able to keep your windows and doors open which serves as the exit for stale air. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of a dry summer without having to break any sweat because of the hot climate. image1
On the contrary, evaporative air conditioner ensures that you have a very low initial installation cost and operating costs. With the health benefits to boot, evaporative air conditioner are a steal deal. This is a very inexpensive, healthy and cool solution for your warming needs.

Why Wanneroo Gas and Air?

Wanneroo Gas and Air provides the best solutions in evaporative air conditioning Perth. We recommend Bonaire systems for evaporative cooling Perth and are the experts when it comes to giving you the best options depending on the structure of your property, lifestyle, and family size; without making you stretch your budget.To have a customised solution, speak to our support staff or experts and resolve your air conditioning issues.

When it comes to expertise in installing Bonaire heating and cooling products, a Bonaire Premier Dealer will provide you with the highest levels of professionalism, installation quality, after sales service and reliability.
Bonaire Premier Dealers have been specifically selected by Bonaire. Only dealers that meet rigorous requirements and maintain industry leading quality standards are eligible. You are guaranteed a heating and cooling solution that specifically meets your needs. Bonaire Premier Dealers exclusively offer a 7 year product warranty on all Bonaire 4 and 5 star ducted gas heaters and Bonaire Integra II and Pinnacle evaporative coolers and a seven year workmanship warranty.
Bonaire Premier Dealers undertake regular training to maintain their expertise in system requirements which will ensure your Bonaire unit is installed to the highest standards.
Bonaire Premier Dealers deliver industry leading technology and service excellence


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