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Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted Gas Heating Perth and solution for ducted heating and cooling in Perth

If you are looking for an efficient heating system in Perth, look no further. At Wanneroo Gas and Air, we provide the right solution for you through our ducted gas heating Perth customised solutions.

Benefits of ducted gas heating

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
Why Ducted Gas Heating?

Considering the climate in Perth in winter, you need a system that sees to it that your entire home is kept warm. This means that the heating has to be uniform throughout the house and there are no ‘cold pockets’. For this, the ideal solution is a ducted gas heating Perth. Ducted heating and cooling in Perth use a network of ducts in the roof cavity or through the floor, to distribute air that is heated using a heat exchanger, around your home.
Does It Consume Too Much Energy? Not at all! That is, if you choose a maximum star-rated unit. The more stars, the more energy efficient it is.

Why Wanneroo Gas and Air? 
We are experts when it comes to giving you an ideal solution within your budget for your need for ducted heating and cooling in Perth. We ensure the right product choice to help you keep your home stay warm in winter. We can recommend the right Ducted gas heating Perth solution for you considering all the important aspects.

Navigator Remote Control

If you are after the very latest in controls and technology, the Navigator wireless radio frequency control is for you. This controller allows you to change settings without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Navigator Remote Control

• Wireless radio frequency
• Multiple controller option – up to 4 controllers
• Able to operate from room to room
• Thermostat comfort sensing from any room with an outlet
• Large, clear and easy-to-read backlit LCD display
• Intuitive operation
• Customised operational settings
• Diagnostics and error reporting
• Optional controlling of multiple appliances
• Easy to operate in 4 selectable operating modes
• 24 hour programmable start and stop times
• Compatible with Bonaire 4 and 5 Star Gas Central Heating and York Dual Cycle
NB: Blue screen for cooling, orange for heating


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